Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jeremy Lipking's New Painting Previwed at Classical Underground

Classical Underground Showcase


"Between Past and Present" oil on linen 40" x 60"
Classical Underground is proud to showcase "Between Past and Present," a new important painting by Jeremy Lipking -- one of the greatest painters of our generation, and a longtime Undergrounder.
It is an utter joy to witness the continuous development of Jeremy's extraordinary talent. He invariably pushes the expressive possibilities of the painting medium with his exceptional hyper-understanding of tonal subtleties, manifested in the delicate color transitions within any value range, and superbly shaped into clear harmonies of compositional masses.  
In this new masterful painting completed for the upcoming Prix De West show and which we are fortunate to preview at Classical Underground, Jeremy is displaying  an unmistakable artistic maturing of subject matter, thematic depth, technical execution and compositional design. 
In Jeremy's new works we see magnificent examples of exciting  developments in the use of 21st century realism as a tool of deeply personal contemporary artistic expression.  This emerging form of realism that I call Novorealism is drastically different from photorealism of the past in its mechanisms and objectives, as well as standing in direct opposition to all basic principles of tired establishment post-modernism, which by now has primarily degraded to not much more than manifested excuses for hyper-greed. 
It is exciting to see LA on the forefront of the artistic search in the first quarter of the 21st century, as part of a multi - threaded tapestry within newly pluralistic and rich contemporary expression. 
in ART we trust!