Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Figure and Color in Stephen Mirich new Painting

"The Grunion Hunters" oil on board 36" x 48" 

April 27, 2015: Classical Underground is very happy to present the esteemed California plein air painter and passionate Undergrounder Stephen Mirich's new work "The Grunion Hunters". It is significant in a number of ways.
There are two great trends in California's serious contemporary representational art: a historically strong plein-air tradition, and a relatively recent classical figure movement.
California experience informs both venerable branches of the representational school. The strength of color tradition of the California plein air school informs the classical understanding of figure, while strong contemporary figurative representation influences the plein air approach, signifying the exciting phenomenon of this specifically Californian artistic "knowledge spill-over." Both trends inform each other, making them expand their boundaries and turning California today into the hotbed of a new representational movement.
Stephen's new work is an exciting example of such vibrant interaction. While successfully reconciling difficult coloristic problems, it ventures into capturing multiple figures embedded in moonlight. 

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