Monday, March 23, 2015

Form Sense in George Carlson Sculpture


Classical Underground Showcase, March 23, 2015: George Carlson is one of the preeminent American representational artists of our time. Throughout his illustrious career, George has epitomized a kind of true Master rarely seen these days.
George possesses a unique Form Sense. This rare trained ability to grasp the dimensional subject in his mind opens the possibility to express form through various mediums. This is what gave the great Old Masters of Renaissance like Leonardo and Michelangelo their astonishing versatility.
Armed with such a sense, and not being limited to one particular technique or niche that many other even good artists might be exploiting their entire lives, George has left an equally important mark on both representational sculpture and painting.
Much like with giants of the Renaissance, the key to this seamless transition is a mastery of a very particular kind of dimension-focused figure drawing.  This is the secret to the unique and brilliant universality of his artistic perception that allows him to transfer his vast visual knowledge across different medium platforms, creating important contemporary works in all of them.
We are deeply honored to showcase this truly great living American Master.
Thank you to our good CU friends and artists Dan Pinkham and Tom Redfield for lending us George's magnificent works from their collections.