Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Purpose of The Skill and The Social Function of ART: ART as First Religion and The Power of 5th Estate

This is a collection of screen shots from my part in our joint presentation with Jeremy Lipking and Tony Pro at the last Weekend with the Masters and TRAC12

As I am excitedly looking forward to all conversations and discussions at TRAC 14, many of the themes I will be touching on in my upcoming talk there is a continuation of the points I was making at those two important for me for the development of my own work presentations.

 for all intends and purposes functioned as first currency
and, yes, predating language by 1.2 MILLION years

 people of today are just as attracted to the same spot 
with this incredible natural stone formation spanning over the river,
i'd painted that

 wouldn't you want to build your house on the same spot as 
Chauvet cave?

 by some analysis this is one of the first 
if not the first image at the cave,
the images accumulated over a span of 10 000 years 
with huge gaps in between, 
people were going and coming back to fulfill the same function

 Do ART!