Thursday, September 20, 2012

"NOVOREALISM @ TRAC: Principles, Philosophies, & Practices of Post "Post-Modern" Painters With Jeremy Lipking, Tony Pro, and Alexey Steele" and guest speakers John Callas, Ph.D., Dr. Liviu Eftimie

The New ART-theory Workshop 

We are excited to announce that our Weekend With the Masters NOVOREALISM presentation is now scheduled for TRAC as well. Tony, Jeremy and myself are greatly looking forward to another chance of sharing our thoughts on what we think are critical points for a development of our movement. Stay tuned for details. 



Post-Modernist philosophies, as well as art theory and practices based on them, have lost their relevance. In their most odious examples became an instrument of financial fraud and “official doctrine” of preserving the existing power structure inhibiting the creative development of ART

Realism has emerged as one of the important modes of contemporary artistic expression

It is different from any historical forms of Realism combining various traditions in visual approach to reality and our contemporary experience.

NOVOREALISM is a movement of Contemporary Humanistic Realism. It is not advocating any single particular style or “look”, it is promoting a system of knowledge and practice within a particular set of “human capabilities” as opposite to those that are technologically driven like “photorealism” itself a standard part of official “post-modernism.”

NOVOREALISM advocates freedom of artistic expression and true diversity within aesthetically pluralist world of contemporary ART affirming the existence and importance of different even mutually exclusive aesthetic systems.

“What”, “How” and “Why” of NOVOREALISM

Evolutionary Beauty and Revolutionary 
 Sublime, The Content and Purpose of The Image

NOVOREALISM is a “Beauty-Centric” system affirming a concept of Beauty as an integral part of Evolutionary Aesthetics and a key building block in a “source code” of humanity and thus one of the defining characteristics of us as specie.

NOVOREALISM affirms, studies and celebrates the Sensual essence of humanity as foundation of independent reason. It stands as a check and balance to societal attempt to control individual reason by attacking the sensual. In that way NOVOREALISM views ART as a force of ultimate liberation of Individual.

NOVOREALISM stands on Genuine, Testimonial and Truthful Seriousness of The Beautiful, believing in its transformative power through invoking The Sublime. It views ART as a Force defending and defining Humanity itself. It directly challenges the establishment’s rejection of a Sublime in Beautiful and its imposition of a mandatory “official irony.”

NOVOREALISM as developed Human Perceptualism 
the comparison of unlimited human capabilities 
with limitations of technological image capture

Institutional prejudice toward Realism is based on false premises that realistic human based artistic representation of visual world became obsolete with an invention and improvements of photographic technology. This is why from the official establishment point of view “Realism is not art”

Technological image capture is substantially limited and does not constitute reality

Human eye and mind making up our perception is a system vastly superior in its abilities

NOVOREALISM advocates “Human Perceptualism”  as a highly developed human ability to see and judge visual information through a complex system of live training advanced and refined through centuries of classical visual tradition to our current level of perceptual development. From Greeks and Leonardo to Russian School and Richard Schmid who developed perhaps the most powerful practical realist art theory of the 20th century.

The Social Function of ART

NOVOREALISM considers ART through its ability to engage core aspects of Human Nature as having a unique Social Function reflecting the conscience of society and deriving from its anthropological origin as First Language, First Religion, and First Currency.

NOVOREALISM is affirming Individual manifestation of Sense, Reason and Faith

Within fragmented and conflicted world of competing religious doctrines and institutions NOVOREALISM sees a unifying role for ART in addressing shared spiritual constants through a basic language of human condition

NOVOREALISM within contemporary society affirms the place of ART as the Power of the 5th Estate following the rapid decline in Constitutional separation of powers including that of institutional journalism believing that ART is a weapon of last resort in opposing the corrupt status quo and manifesting the self-preserving Force within a society in crisis.

NOVOREALISM believes ART can play a key role in shifting the cultural priorities of society from the ones that led to a crisis to ones that will lead out of it.